ICPTC Glycolic Acid Peel for Anti Aging

As we age, dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface, causing our pores to clog and our skin to look dull and lifeless sais Ann Arbor Personal Trainer.

Now, you can have revitalized, younger, more beautiful looking skin in just minutes with this certified, professional grade glycolic acid peel kit from Platinum Skin Care!

The kit comes with a Glycolic 30, Prep A, Neutralizer, and your choice of Applicator (gauze or fan brush), and complete instructions on how to use the product – all packaged in an easy to store box.

The best glycolic acid peel we offer at Platinum Skin Care is of the buffered variety. Buffering raises the pH level of the acid so that it is not too strong. A higher pH level will slow-down the action of the acid. They can be left on longer than an unbuffered (professional) variety, and are thus safer. These peels are perfect for at-home usage like on Double Deck Exhibit.

Glycolic acid peeling exfoliates the surface of the skin, removing several layers of dead skin cells. This deep exfoliation greatly improves the appearance of fine lines, acne, very slight scarring, blotchiness, and sun damage. The hydrating properties of glycolic acid then leave your skin looking fresher and younger.

glycolic chemical peel

When used regularly, Platinum Skin Care glycolic acid peel will significantly improve and smooth the texture of your face by removing the damaged outer layers of your skin. It is a great way to reinvigorate your skin and achieve a beautiful glow. Also it has been proven to help treat acne, wrinkles, skin spots or uneven coloring on your skin.

Also, our AMC2 glycolic peels are completely customizable to your skin’s sensitivity. Whether you choose peels by the bottle, pad or in a kit, we offer a peel that will be just right for you.

Our site is packed with information to help you make the correct choices. We recommend that you read some of our Frequently Asked Questions about chemical peels section on our website before you make your peel selection. Also, on that page you can find and watch our how-to videos that can be helpful.

A Platinum Skin care Specialist is available to assist you for any skin care concerns or questions you may have about choosing and performing and a glycolic chemical peel that is right for you.

Prepare to transform your skin to its fullest and finest. Platinum Skin Care glycolic acid peel starter kit is readily available for you!

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